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Coachify Networking is the fastest growing community of business owners and entrepreneurs in Kenya. With thousands of events every year, and a linked up network of exceptional business owners.

Coachify Networking is certainly the community to engage in to build your business, through quality connections and business opportunities.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the constant pressure to find quality leads, you’re not alone.

With the cost of advertising still rising and marketing channels becoming more competitive everyday, you need to find a better way.

That’s how we can help. By following our proven Business Networking Formula, we introduce you to dozens of referral partners, and that can lead to hundreds of potential new leads and end clients for you.

Our Services
Coachify Networking Is where Professionals and Business Owners Meet to Get Business


Attending Coachify Networking meetings allows you to be involved with a group of like minded business professions that will become part of your sales staff and you will become part of theirs.


Want to learn how to flood yourself with business from referrals that don’t stop coming in?
Take personal coaching from our premium leaders on business networking.

What to Expect

Coachify Networking members are building very powerful relationships, starting up strategic alliances, and arranging big financial deals, making great friendships and much more.

Benefits Of Coachify Networking
Coachify Networking Is where Professionals and Business Owners Meet to Get Business

Business Referrals

Our business referral program at Coachify allows you to get a much needed boost for your business or services by interacting with like minded individuals and working as a unit to get clients.

Knowledge Sharing

Due to the diverse industries that Coachify Networking members have you will get exposure to the different industries and different points of view to enable you become a better business man or woman.

Build Confidence

Due to the level of interaction that is available at Coachify you will be able to build confidence and learn how to pitch your business to diffrent people whether investors or potential clients.

Get Fresh Ideas

Since you will be interacting with business personality’s you are bound to come across new ideas and eye opening discoveries about the business world allowing you to capitalize on them.

Get Advice and Support

By Joining You will gain access to advice, support and mentorship from our experienced members who have been in business for a long period of time this will assist and elevate your career and business.

Develop Long Lasting Relationships

You will develop long lasting relationships that will be beneficial in the long run as we view Coachify networking as a community.

Skills You Will Learn
Skills you will gain acquire during the meeting.

Create more sales & profits

Transform your communication skills

Become an inspirational leader

Attract, coach & inspire
a driven team to be proud of

Become more confident & present solution as the expert

Learn how to drive your business to profit & smash your sales targets

Sponsorship Opportunities
Gain Access To Sponsorship Opportunities with Coachify Networking Groups


A chance to tap into the Kenyan Market


Connection with a variety of business communities in Kenya

Link Up

Link up with Students, Job Seekers, Entrepreneurs and Companies


Build a network that makes you grow your opportunities

Frequently asked questions
Some of the Frequently Asked Questions by Our Members Are?

What are Coachify Networking Vision and Values?

Our vision is to create a positive impact on the lives of business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe, and we deliver this through the values of relationships, collaboration and inclusion.

How often are meetings held and at what venues?

Our Meetings are headed by qualified and experienced industry professionals to ensure that colleagues get the best experience and value out of them

Coachify Networkers  meet once a month, at either 9 AM or noon. We find most successful, savvy business professionals neither have the time nor need to see each other every week to develop meaningful business relationships.

How is coachify networking different from other networking groups?

Coachify Networking believes in a collaborative approach to doing business. We believe in creating opportunities for our members and guests to connect each other with their ideal referral partners – other business owners that already serve your ideal clients, but don’t compete with you, so you can generate a tone of ongoing new business. Most other networking focuses on the opportunity of either selling to each other, or direct referrals. Let’s face it – who wants to be sold to? At Coachify Networking we may buy from each other, but we don’t believe in being all salesy!

Do i get the opportunity to talk about my business?

Of course! All members and guests have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their business in the Introduction Round, as well as ask for connections to their ideal referral partners – other business owners that already serve all your ideal clients, but don’t compete with you, so you can generate a tone of ongoing new business.

How long does it take to start seeing leads and returns?

We’re super committed to ensuring all our members achieve an awesome ROI from their time and investment into their membership – we even have a ROI Money Back Guarantee. The results you achieve are directly linked to your engagement within the network – don’t worry…we don’t have any rules or requirements for attendance or results, but we do know, the more you put in, the more you will get out!

As a guide, we know that if you attend at least a meeting a fortnight, as well as engage in our training and resources, you will easily build 5-10 new exceptional referral partnerships within a 12-month period. Each exceptional referral partnership yields around Ksh100,000 in additional revenue to your business over the following 12-months. If you build 5-10 a year, this will return about Ksh600,000 to Ksh800,000 in additional revenue to your business over the subsequent 12-month period. Want more? Dial it up! It is truly linked to your engagement within the network.

Do you allow more than one business type to join/attend?

At Coachify Networking, we believe in inclusivity as opposed to exclusivity. All business types are welcome to network together, because as we know, in life, it’s all about WHO WE KNOW, and we highly value collaboration.

At every Coachify Networking meeting we have an excellent mix of business people in the room – BUT remember,
it’s not about who’s in the room…but who the people in the room know.

Our meeting format is highly productive, fast paced and jam packed with opportunities and value, that maximizes the opportunities for referrals, connections and new business. At every meeting members and guests have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their business, as well as ask for connections in the Introduction Round.

What's my next step how do I experience Coachify Networking for myself?

That’s a no brainer! Come along to your local meeting OR jump onto a Coachify Networking Online! Our team will reach out to you to ensure you have a great time and are introduced to some exceptional people. There’s never any awkward standing around, all our meetings are fast paced and maximize the networking and connection opportunities.

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